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Everything you were never told about living OMtastically well as a superwoman this life.

Recovering from a hell of a week in essential oil introvert heaven

Is it me or are your emotions all over the place? 

I am recovering from a hell of a week. 


Let's make that at least a month since the first feelings of the Fall equinox, which I have been neutralizing by enjoying nature and being in an essential oils introvert heaven in my home.

Today I am watching the rain.  

I feel like the political climate around the world on top of my own family stressors with mental illnesses, financial strains and overall tests of faiths are just about to do me in. 

So I really understand why having this past week full of Mental Health Day as well as Day of the Girl as well as a Full Moon in Aries today might be making me so excited it is raining and I am completely alone. #HermitMode

But I embrace it because I am an introvert by nature.

That may surprise you but I am.

And If you are an introvert then you thrive on being aligned with the energy of a room.

Otherwise, it is draining as hell and as I age, I find that my first...

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Diary of a Stress Hormone Junkie

Dear Diary:

Today I woke up realizing that I spent 20 of the first 26 years of my life completely strung out on cortisol. That my PMS migraine that made me take Ibuprofen and try to sleep during my junior and senior year was not normal like my mother said.

That direct sign of being toxic was likely a lot of being up most nights listening to my father's long-standing mental health issues rants and a sluggish liver from eating PMS food cravings for a week. 

An adult second chance view

Recently, after two decades in natural trauma and injury healing and a lot of experience visually body reading, I looked at my second-grade school pictures and I felt really bad for the little girl in front of me. Her hair was a bit thin. She was really thin and still she smiled missing a couple of teeth as seven-years-olds do by then.  I had almost forgotten all about that mighty girl. I know why I was looking like that now. Chances are my sleep was not good and I was really active but I may...

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9 Key ways to "F🇺🇸ck the HAPPY needs for Independence Day" 

To be perfectly honest, I am over the whole fireworks reminder of constant wars. It is seriously disrupting my dogs' chill for the night and my neighbors leaving a mess on the street is never really fun anymore now that I am not the family hosting it so when I was faced with the obligatory HAPPY FOURTH POSTS and email, I said F*k it. My tribe is either drunk by now or exhausted bathing the kids or their dogs and cleaning up their party. ( I know you were the host.  All my Goddess Sisters throw the best events on the block) 

So Today I want to have an entirely different conversation and that is...  

F the holiday obligations, Are you genuinely happy? 

I mean it, are you? Reply now to and let me know what I can do if that is a NO. Do not get me wrong, you do not need to always be happy but I know you don't open my emails thinking, "Let me open this because Dr.Lisa's the woman I expect to blow smoke up my butt to get her pat on the...

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Why is wellbeing a result of living in Sattva?

yoga basics May 14, 2019

Sattva is one of the three guṇas or "modes of existence", a philosophical and psychological concept developed by the Samkhya school of Hindu philosophy but it is not in and of itself a religious practice. The other two qualities we speak of in yogic living are rajas and tamas. 

Sattva living is basically living of the highest virtue. It is living in a way that keeps the body in what we call homeostasis or body balance and keeps the mind calm. This balance is what allows for optimal communication without error between the body ( all you can see of the form including the brain) and the mind ( our consciousness, awareness, and personality). Sattva living is the fastest way to whole life wellness. When we are living this way across the board then we are living along a spectrum of wellbeing always, no matter if we have pain or disease. People that achieve this lifestyle support often report they are well and blessed and grateful even if they have some struggles at the same time.


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2 easy lessons on why loose joints get so tight or rigid

As a pain healing professional I hear all the time from my clients how they just can't believe the body they moved so effortlessly with as a former athlete, dancer or flexible child has betrayed them.  Poor body. It is always trying to help you. If you are being careless with your boundaries then it acts like your self-care police and starts shutting movements down to protect you. The body takes all the blame but the reality is that if you are suffering from painful or limited mobility then that is because your mind has been edging you on beyond your safety zones for years. That's right, you don't have a "bad back" you have a distracted mind or some poor soft tissue and nerve mobility, inadequate nutrition or circulation and a majority of the time, did things well wth power but had sloppy control or weakness in muscles. Overall, every child, teen, adult and senior needs to relearn how their body moves. We all did not get taught enough about how to pay attention to the quiet...

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7 Signs You Are a Healing Soul Warrior and Soul Mate Of Bruce Lipton and me

mind body health Apr 27, 2019

My Medicine Woman Spirit Animal in the form of an older white man is Bruce Lipton. He used to go by his MD but now he is sticking to his PhD. I get it. I am down to the PT but honestly, I long for the day I can just be Dr.Lisa, the modern day healing mystic.

I like Bruce. He is coming on strong the past year or two waving his unicorn flag.  I like that I totally get his cellular discussions because the “science” and medical implications have been sitting in the AtharvaVeda ( one of the ancient sacred Vedic books) and Ayurveda for centuries and quite frankly I grew up questioning the truth of what I was learning from books because I saw right away science books have been changing. Growing up in New York and then bringing up kids in the South, I confirmed the history books taught a completely different "history" depending upon what side of the Mason Dixon line we were reading it. Thank goodness, I was lucky to have a spiritual preceptor guide who got that...

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chronic pain Apr 22, 2019

I have been in the game of tapping into the function of people's bodies for over twenty five years. I honestly can't believe it has been that long since I stepped into the Athletic Training Room at Hofstra University after my freshman year in 91' asking them if I can switch my major from the boredom of pre med Chemistry labs on Friday afternoons to the exciting opportunity to stand on the sidelines of a Friday night football game waiting for an injury to spring into action.  The best part was that, as their trainer, all the players would get you into the local watering holes regardless of how awful your fake ID was because they used their braun to bounce at the door. #membershipbenefits

The Science of Believing You Have a Body with Lots of Potential

Anyways, after a while helping athletes get off the floor you get used to them ignoring their pain body and asking what they could still do. The number one rule to stop a depression after a season ending injury was to get them in...

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