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Why is wellbeing a result of living in Sattva?

yoga basics May 13, 2019

Sattva is one of the three guแน‡as or "modes of existence", a philosophical and psychological concept developed by the Samkhya school of Hindu philosophy but it is not in and of itself a religious practice. The other two qualities we speak of in yogic living are rajas and tamas. 

Sattva living is basically living of the highest virtue. It is living in a way that keeps the body in what we call homeostasis or body balance and keeps the mind calm. This balance is what allows for optimal communication without error between the body ( all you can see of the form including the brain) and the mind ( our consciousness, awareness, and personality). Sattva living is the fastest way to whole life wellness. When we are living this way across the board then we are living along a spectrum of wellbeing always, no matter if we have pain or disease. People that achieve this lifestyle support often report they are well and blessed and grateful even if they have some struggles at the same time.

If we can live on a spectrum of wellbeing then we are no longer seeing our health as only black or white, sickness or health. 

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