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The Belly Basics

Everything you were never told about living OMtastically well as a superwoman this life.

Diary of a Stress Hormone Junkie


Today I woke up realizing that I spent twenty of the first twenty-six years of my life completely strung out on cortisol because I was 6 years old when I became the vision of success as a warrior.

I was kind of in a healthier version for the next five to ten years because I started finding more holistic outlets, got married and was off on building a family but I really can only say I hit recovery from the patriarchy at 40 years-of-age. 

When I looked at my second-grade school pictures I felt bad for the little girl in front of me. Her hair was a bit thin. She was thin and yet she still she smiled missing a couple of teeth in an average seven-years-old grin but I was really undergoing a lot of stress then.

I can’t even imagine kids today. On top of the things I was dealing with there is all the busy of competitive parenting.  I had almost forgotten all about that mighty girl whose entire family dynamic was under fire with deaths, mental illness, financial...

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