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Recovering from a hell of a week in essential oil introvert heaven

Is it me or are your emotions all over the place? 

I am recovering from a hell of a week. 


Let's make that at least a month since the first feelings of the Fall equinox, which I have been neutralizing by enjoying nature and being in an essential oils introvert heaven in my home.

Today I am watching the rain.  

I feel like the political climate around the world on top of my own family stressors with mental illnesses, financial strains and overall tests of faiths are just about to do me in. 

So I really understand why having this past week full of Mental Health Day as well as Day of the Girl as well as a Full Moon in Aries today might be making me so excited it is raining and I am completely alone. #HermitMode

But I embrace it because I am an introvert by nature.

That may surprise you but I am.

And If you are an introvert then you thrive on being aligned with the energy of a room.

Otherwise, it is draining as hell and as I age, I find that my first impulse is to run because I am tired of fighting.

You run because as an introvert, you can be friendly and charismatic as hell but we give energy out.

That means if we are not filled up by the experience, we tend to feel like there are just too many energetic vampires feeding off us.

So right now in the world,

There are a lot of energy vampires.

There are many different emotions I am picking up on and I have been relying a hell of a lot on my high-quality essential oils as well as a real need to get out in nature. 

So I thought you might be feeling all that too.

And if you are.

What if I could offer you some immediate relief from the energy drains?

What if I could decrease a home of toxins, a life of allergies and a way to pick yourself up at 3 pm without caffeine right here?

Would you take me up on it?

Maybe? Maybe not but you want to know the real irony?

You all have smiled smelling those first embers of summertime grilling or cozy fall fireplaces going on.

In fact, most every Italians can relate to a memory evoked by the smell of fresh garlic gravy being a time warp back to Sunday cooking on Nonna's stove. 

Or the smell of fresh-baked cookies meaning a special treat right?

Well, welcome to the power of your olfactory nerve and it's groovy hook up with the limbic (motivation, emotion, learning, and memory) spot of your brain.

In fact, how would your body and moods change if I taught you how to motivate the body's hormones to dance together much better by taping into the olfactory centers of the brain?

How would you feel to have a natural way to deep dive into your cellular wisdom using essential oils and other mind and body therapies in your life to manage those memories that are presently feeding into emotional eating, self sabotage and toxic relationships?

Reply back if that sound good to you because I am collecting interest in some ideas for upcoming webinars and workshops in the works right now.

For now,

Start today by taking a peak at living a life this week by downloading this summit that begins tomorrow, Oct 14th, 2019.

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PS. Even if you won't listen this week, ( in that case grab the major discount on pre summit audios) there are a handful of downloads available now from covering prevention of Alzheimers to making better decisions

Take a peek.



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