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7 Signs You Are a Healing Soul Warrior and Soul Mate Of Bruce Lipton and me

mind body health Apr 27, 2019

My Medicine Woman Spirit Animal in the form of an older white man is Bruce Lipton. He used to go by his MD but now he is sticking to his PhD. I get it. I am down to the PT but honestly, I long for the day I can just be Dr.Lisa, the modern day healing mystic.

I like Bruce. He is coming on strong the past year or two waving his unicorn flag.  I like that I totally get his cellular discussions because the “science” and medical implications have been sitting in the AtharvaVeda ( one of the ancient sacred Vedic books) and Ayurveda for centuries and quite frankly I grew up questioning the truth of what I was learning from books because I saw right away science books have been changing. Growing up in New York and then bringing up kids in the South, I confirmed the history books taught a completely different "history" depending upon what side of the Mason Dixon line we were reading it. Thank goodness, I was lucky to have a spiritual preceptor guide who got that biopsychosocial/spiritual thing down to a science in his yoga which filled in the gaps of my mainstream trainings  

 But the REAL reason I like Bruce is because I relate to his journey. I know how it sucks to see things others can’t. I know how exciting it is connecting dots but then feeling punched in the stomach when no one gets it and no matter how simplistic you are trying to make it, you are constantly confusing. There is a need for patience simply because many people with westernized upbringings and academic minds have no container to see the simplicity in accepting energy as the ticket. So we wait and we wait for the science to catch up with a research study people accept. Bruce and I are focused on the recent discoveries in quantum physics, Epigenetics, things like the neuroendocrine and immune system links and the ancient enduring truths of other cultures evolving their sciences for thousands of years. Neither of us is focused on the illusion of the changing matter created by it. That is the outcome. It is the most moldable piece. It immediately changes when the focus of our energy does while the mind stays so rigid. There has got to be more to the mind/body story. 

So here are 7 signs you are also one of our Soul Tribe... 

1) You Had the same reaction we both had after seeing one celled organisms under a microscope in Science studies in elementary school. It was “Sooo cool” and you knew inside a piece of hair looking like a piece of rope must mean something more than coincidence😀( Yes, that year Santa was likely nice enough to you too and brought you a microscope where you proceeded to break the top classes looking at everything.)

 2)At some point you thought it would be cool to be a research scientist so you could come back to town one day and prove some theories your teachers and pastor were teaching were a bit confused or flat out wrong(  My science teacher/cheer coach in HS chemistry told me that it would be a waste of my personality- Glad I listened bc She was right😏 I would have been MISERABLE crunching numbers and reducing people to petri dish manipulated fake worlds)

 3) People don’t know what to make of you. They like you but often tell you that you are either weird, insane, too radical or intimidating. They don’t understand how you live like you don’t seem to care what people think but are sensitive and caring as hell. Somehow you do great things by not listening to the rules and you seem to come into lots of different conversations and still are able to shift and influence with a single comment. 

 4) Best I can say, you too are not a person people get to know, but rather an experience to be had. Yet another benchmark of personal success in my book😏

 5) You often think big and Universal and see human bodies as microcosms of the Universe macrocosm  ( Hell yeah you tell your best friends their Pitta dosha is totally going to end up as a cancer if they don’t find a way to chill when triggered and let stress move through and out🌟☀️🔥)

 6) Most of your peers in clinic find your lack of following the concrete and over complicated rules that make THEM crazy offensive while at the same time envying your flow amongst the chaos and comparable success with your clients and patients. 

 7) It took you over 20 years to find professional playmates willing to play openly in the sandbox and wave their Unicorn flag  🦄( It is not a coincidence this is the mascot of my sorority- we attract the most amazing Magic makers)


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