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The Belly Basics

Everything you were never told about living OMtastically well as a superwoman this life.

9 Key ways to "F🇺🇸ck the HAPPY needs for Independence Day" 

To be perfectly honest, I am over the whole fireworks reminder of constant wars. It is seriously disrupting my dogs' chill for the night and my neighbors leaving a mess on the street is never really fun anymore now that I am not the family hosting it so when I was faced with the obligatory HAPPY FOURTH POSTS and email, I said F*k it. My tribe is either drunk by now or exhausted bathing the kids or their dogs and cleaning up their party. ( I know you were the host.  All my Goddess Sisters throw the best events on the block) 

So Today I want to have an entirely different conversation and that is...  

F the holiday obligations, Are you genuinely happy? 

I mean it, are you? Reply now to [email protected] and let me know what I can do if that is a NO. Do not get me wrong, you do not need to always be happy but I know you don't open my emails thinking, "Let me open this because Dr.Lisa's the woman I expect to blow smoke up my butt to get her pat on the...

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