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Whenever anyone hits a personal plateau it is usually because we did not play our feminine wisdom in tune with our masculine drive. Therefore, I mentor every client on the fine art of goddess living through women's health advocacy, mind control, movement, yoga, nature, self realization, leadership, sisterhood and networking with other medicine women rising worldwide.  Get your fix to redesign your life. 

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Analyze Your Pain By Seeing it in A Different Light

Functional Lab Analysis

Using a functional approach to your biochemistry, I can help you identify issues overlooked by conventional interpretation before there is a clinical diagnosis and then empower you with a summary to discuss with your physician. 

Resiliency and vitality can be achieved with food choices, spirituality, nutritional education, essential oils, botanicals and movement, conscious coaching and mental re training.

If you haven’t had a body reading or laboratory tests within the last 30 days, I can help you order them yourself or provide some resources.

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Learn To Take The Heat

Body Balance Coaching

Stress is not something that should worry you, your libido should be high, your weight should be controlled , your skin should be soft, your mind calm under fire and mental focus clear. A healthy hormone cycle and body chemistry that processes stressors well in a body that empowers and moves us to engage fully in life are a girl's best friend.  Coaching into feeling great is available for transitions for puberty, fertility, pregnancy, illness and menopause.

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Private Mentorship

Become a sought out teacher of women's health yoga, essential oils, botanical nourishment or pain coaching. Train with Lisa to update your skills, refine your technique, launch, up level or rebrand your healing arts business and help reinvent women's health across the lifespan.

Lisa takes a limited number of monthly mentorship clients. Become your own home town's medicine woman and one of our global goddess wisdom ambassadors in training.


"SIMPLY THE BEST HEALTH INSURANCE YOU CAN BUY! I met Lisa Holland last fall and was new to yoga. I have a severe scoliosis (66 degree cobb angle) and I was experiencing lots of numbness and pain down my left leg. As a working mother of two small children I was fearful that surgery was imminent. I decided to complete her Om Life series which included not just yoga, but some meetings with a nutritionist, a life coach, and an optional therapist. I am happy to report that my numbness is gone and I have no more shooting pains down my leg. Not only are there physical improvements, but I can say that I am generally more self aware and spiritual. It is holistic and has done more for me than I could have ever imagined. The studio is full of people that are supportive and Lisa is all over making sure the poses are being done correctly (and pushing you when she knows you can do more). The clinician in me loves that she has a background as a physical therapist, however this is just one of her many talents. I still have so much to learn, but I feel a new sense of empowerment I am thrilled that I have a safe and loving place to practice. I look forward to what is ahead vs. being fearful. "

-Julie H. Nurse, Wife, Mom
— via YELP 3/18/2013

Become Your Own Best Medicine Woman

Learn from Other Fear{less} Brave Women

Would you like to meet some new feminine role models?

Learn feminine health basics, spirituality, and lady boss wisdom from Dr.Lisa , PT as she speaks to an array of Medicine Women. These women are flipping their pain and making it a passion and a profit on her Owning HER Health Podcast 


Incorporate Cosmic Universal Sciences

There are a million deeper ways to understand this life story.  Thousands of years ago humanity grew out of reading the seasons and the stars. Yogic Sciences tie in the underlying spiritual disease process through food, social behaviors, self care rituals, astrology, forces of nature, primal human tendencies, mental alchemy and physical fitness and movements. Would you like to understand your health, energy and success in this world this deeply? 



Goddess Wisdom 101

My private health membership club, called Life school is a global learning community for women 18-101. Membership  offers access to a global community of resources, online courses and monthly content offering up to date education in all the feminine health studies you never got from school, your parents or health providers in your community.


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The Belly Guru Coaching Approach to Life & Wellbeing

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"Lisa is so in tune with the connections of our mind and body. She is a great resource to me on my journey in this amazing world. I love you Lisa and thank you for all you put out there for us."

Tonia, Fort Mill SC via FB 07/2016

""Lissette is a highly skilled and deeply compassionate yoga professional. She blends her extensive knowledge of the body through physical therapy and yoga with her passion for holistic healing and wellness in an accessible and engaging manner."

Julie Norman, BS, E-RYT,
— via FB 03/2015

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