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Dr. Lisa Holland, PT


Dr.Lisa is a life healing professional that has dedicated the last 15 years of her 25 years in healthcare towards optimizing the body and mind of you, the smart, spiritual, health conscious and success driven woman.  This Spring she is birthing a few new ways to train and start new women's heath and professional coaching conversations that will keep busy women satisfied, healthy and successful! 

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"Lisa is so in tune with the connections of our mind and body. She is a great resource to me on my journey in this amazing world. I love you Lisa and thank you for all you put out there for us."

In Person Yoga Therapy Testimonial
Tonia, Fort Mill SC via FB 07/2016

Has Being a Mompreneur Been A Struggle? Get a Professional Maternal Health & Life coach through Belly Guru. 

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Become Your Own Best Medicine

Expand Professional Skills: Learn to Life Coach As a Healer

Instantly have unique impact by shifting the conversation of change!  Jump into my level 1 life coach for healers training and be one of the first in the world using reliable psychometrics in the health and wellness community. 

Learn to support the person not just their diagnosis by deeply understanding behaviors, motivators and communication much better. Help yourself by learning about the formation of a healthy self efficacy view and then train to bring your life's wisdom to your very own life coaching practice. Learn Dr. Lisa's yoga off the mat way of helping people change their life story. Cohort 1 began  in April 2019 but rolling admission available each season. 

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Practice what you preach: Become Healthier , Wealthier & Wiser

Life & health coaching for busy women done right. Whole person coaching for moving beyond resistance, pain or lifestyle stress related suffering. Customized to your history, body type, age, functional boundaries, time constraints, budget and goals. Online professional level training between sessions via my app or in person. Career motivated medicine women looking to heal and help the world and be a present force in their own homes  are my specialty. 

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Join the Goddess Wisdom Mastermind of Heart & Soul Led Health Leaders

The premier online learning and leadership community focused on the inner game of female entrepreneurs getting their brand popular. This goddess inspired marketing community is for self identified women focused on falling in love with our feminine form of biz leadership and for those wanting to understanding our fear led behaviors keeping us small.  If you are creating a heart led sustainable yoga therapy, life coaching, therapeutic dance, rehab therapy practice or other integrative wellness business then this is your group. Professional and Personal support (Ages 18-101) .

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"I came to Dr. Lisa with fatigue, digestive trouble, and hormones all out of balance. My primary physician told me I wasn’t sick and that there was nothing she could do unless I wanted an antidepressant or increased thyroid medication. I may not have been sick, but I surely wasn’t well! Dr. Lisa took the time to listen to my concerns – took a history all the way back to my childhood – and worked with me to holistically put all the pieces of the puzzle together. She has a strong intuition (and her first hunch was right – I needed to take care of my liver), but she also backs that up with science and a strong knowledge base of the way the human body works. She gave me the tools I needed to start working on my problem immediately and through follow up was able to help me finally get to the root cause of issues without medication. I couldn’t believe the energy and understanding she was able to relay over the phone. I would highly recommend any friend or family member talk with Dr. Lisa if they are serious about finding true health and healing."

Virtual Wms Health Consulting Testimonial
Dr.Amanda Ling, PT, CNS ,Owner 02/2019

Ladies...They are not listening to you!

Our pain, low energy, self sabatogue & stress responses rarely show up on X Rays, MRIs or traditional blood work even though we are expressing them in the body and feel very ill. How about letting me be your #1 partner to connect the dots early while you may be feeling ignored?

Pelvic Trauma Consulting

Pregnancy, Miscarriage and C section specialty healing, holistic re claiming of body love after assault,  body image recovery, Late bed wetting, bad moods, crippling menstrual cramps, low back or hip pains that do not respond to treatments, poor balance, belly bulge, bloating or digestion pains, acne, headaches, tummy aches, weight gain, low energy and focus problems? These can all be related to chronic abdominal pelvic dysfunctions.My background in mind-body health, integrative coaching and manual therapies can help connect the dots and give you your body love back.  Let's chat first to see if we are a match to get back the control over your body once and for all!. 

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Happy Hormone Consults & Blood work Education

Women's Health is more than pain free pelvic zones, estrogen and progesterone levels! Your hormones hold magic through a delicate symphony of complex and sensitive biochemistry that few physicians truly understand. I know because it has taken me decades of self inquiry and hundreds of hours in post graduate training in women's health to understand our divine alchemy. You do not need a physician's permission to test your hormones or connect the dots.  Let's chat>> 

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Body Love Training & Yogic Life Coaching

My Vitality program ( online life school) and local South Charlotte NC Yoga Club offer classical yoga trainings and membership guided support for reclaiming our power to live well connected to our divine alchemy. Learn the science of being YOU! Limited to 50 active members so that everyone is very well supported and knows their practice family. Learn More>>

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"SIMPLY THE BEST HEALTH INSURANCE YOU CAN BUY! I met Lisa Holland last fall and was new to yoga. I have a severe scoliosis (66 degree cobb angle) and I was experiencing lots of numbness and pain down my left leg. As a working mother of two small children I was fearful that surgery was imminent. I decided to complete her Om Life series which included not just yoga, but some meetings with a nutritionist, a life coach, and an optional therapist. I am happy to report that my numbness is gone and I have no more shooting pains down my leg. Not only are there physical improvements, but I can say that I am generally more self aware and spiritual. It is holistic and has done more for me than I could have ever imagined. The studio is full of people that are supportive and Lisa is all over making sure the poses are being done correctly (and pushing you when she knows you can do more). The clinician in me loves that she has a background as a physical therapist, however this is just one of her many talents. I still have so much to learn, but I feel a new sense of empowerment I am thrilled that I have a safe and loving place to practice. I look forward to what is ahead vs. being fearful. "

-Julie H. Nurse, Podcast Host, Wife, Mom
— via YELP 3/18/2013

The Belly Guru Integrative Coaching Approach to A Life Well Played

has been featured by numerous healthcare peers

""Lissette is a highly skilled and deeply compassionate yoga professional. She blends her extensive knowledge of the body through physical therapy and yoga with her passion for holistic healing and wellness in an accessible and engaging manner."

Julie Norman, BS, E-RYT, Yoga Therapy Professional
— via FB 03/2015 Owner

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