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Recovering from a hell of a week in essential oil introvert heaven

Is it me or are your emotions all over the place? 

I am recovering from a hell of a week. 


Let's make that at least a month since the first feelings of the Fall equinox, which I have been neutralizing by enjoying nature and being in an essential oils introvert heaven in my home.

Today I am watching the rain.  

I feel like the political climate around the world on top of my own family stressors with mental illnesses, financial strains and overall tests of faiths are just about to do me in. 

So I really understand why having this past week full of Mental Health Day as well as Day of the Girl as well as a Full Moon in Aries today might be making me so excited it is raining and I am completely alone. #HermitMode

But I embrace it because I am an introvert by nature.

That may surprise you but I am.

And If you are an introvert then you thrive on being aligned with the energy of a room.

Otherwise, it is draining as hell and as I age, I find that my first...

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