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7 Signs You Are a Modern Day Medicine Woman

mind body health Apr 26, 2019

My Medicine Woman Spirit Animal in the form of an older white man named Bruce Lipton. He used to go by his MD but now he is sticking to his PhD.

I get it. My hands are tied with the DPT but honestly, I long for the day I can just be Dr.Lisa, the modern day healing mystic.


I like Bruce. He is coming on strong the past year or two waving his unicorn flag.  I like that I totally get his cellular discussions because the “science” and medical implications have been sitting in the Vedas of Yoga and Ayurveda for centuries.  

I grew up questioning the truth of what I was learning from books because I saw right away academic books have not been changing to keep up with the discoveries and historical bias.

 But the REAL reason I like Bruce is because I relate to his journey. I know how it sucks to see things others can’t. I know how exciting it is connecting dots but then feeling punched in the stomach when no one gets it and no matter how simplistic...

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