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The Belly Basics

Everything you were never told about living OMtastically well as a superwoman this life.

2 easy lessons on why loose joints get so tight or rigid

As a pain healing professional I hear all the time from my clients how they just can't believe the body they moved so effortlessly with as a former athlete, dancer or flexible child has betrayed them.  Poor body. It is always trying to help you. If you are being careless with your boundaries then it acts like your self-care police and starts shutting movements down to protect you. The body takes all the blame but the reality is that if you are suffering from painful or limited mobility then that is because your mind has been edging you on beyond your safety zones for years. That's right, you don't have a "bad back" you have a distracted mind or some poor soft tissue and nerve mobility, inadequate nutrition or circulation and a majority of the time, did things well wth power but had sloppy control or weakness in muscles. Overall, every child, teen, adult and senior needs to relearn how their body moves. We all did not get taught enough about how to pay attention to the quiet...

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