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9 Key ways to "FπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έck the HAPPY needs for Independence Day"Β 

To be perfectly honest, I am over the whole fireworks reminder of constant wars. It is seriously disrupting my dogs' chill for the night and my neighbors leaving a mess on the street is never really fun anymore now that I am not the family hosting it so when I was faced with the obligatory HAPPY FOURTH POSTS and email, I said FπŸ˜†*k it. My tribe is either drunk by now or exhausted bathing the kids or their dogs and cleaning up their party. ( I know you were the host.  All my Goddess Sisters throw the best events on the block) 

So Today I want to have an entirely different conversation and that is...  

F the holiday obligations, Are you genuinely happy? 

I mean it, are you? Reply now to [email protected] and let me know what I can do if that is a NO. Do not get me wrong, you do not need to always be happy but I know you don't open my emails thinking, "Let me open this because Dr.Lisa's the woman I expect to blow smoke up my butt to get her pat on the back" So I want to know----Are you content instead of HAPPY? 

Happy people know they are happy.

I million Happy 4th of July's this year felt so fake and habitual bc I have been holding up the mirror. We live in a hedonistic world. Life in this vibe is polarized to pleasure or pain but so many days, my peace lies somewhere in the middle. I am going to throw out a second option and that is the term Eudinomia, what the Greek philosophers called to describe an overall desire to live in a state of wellbeing.  It is the goal, regardless of the circumstance.

I would rather say Happy 4th day of Gratitude

This is a really great month ( July 2019) to focus on gratitude instead of freedom. With all the eclipses and retro planets and three moons, It is time to call out the lies if you are going to strive any further.  Trust me, do not set yourself up for a tower moment when you do not want to live through it.

I am the woman in your life that will wear mystic just as proud as PhD. Listen to my word. 

"This is the month that if you want to feel happy then you need to liberate yourself from all the BS that other people think should make you happy." 

Ask yourself "What do I believe will make me happy. Then ask yourself ...Is that true?

You need to face what is sucking out your energy like a blow pop ( get your head out of the gutter) and really consider what lights your flame! 

So here are a few ways you can make sure you energetically take advantage of a few cosmic forces in your favor these next few weeks. 

  1. Seriously learn to let go in July. 

    I know I always say this but seriously, for the first time in like 38 years, stars and planets are aligned beginning July 2nd. We even have THREE significant moons in one month. New moon (2nd), Full moon(16th) and second New moon( 30th)
  2. This is a month that most of us will have the time to shift into deep pushes. That means for the next two weeks, the rest of one full new moon to new moon cycle you have every reason in the Universe to go for it!  PERFECTA! A new start to let go of things you have pulled up from the depth of your soul work these past two years. In fact, for many of the most powerful of you, this is the last transition before the birth of a brand new 10-year expansive cycle. So tell me, what were you beginning to do 2009 / 2010.  Where are you now? Work hard to have a brand new start, clean of the crud you brought into July and are working hard to leave behind at the end of 2019.
  3. Be against the grain now and then

I plan to chill out and let go of social presence in July. I am taking Gary Vee's advice and pushing hard in August when other brands are sleeping. I electronically rest once a year or so and this being Mercury Retro in my sign for a couple of weeks, it feels like the eclipse season was made just for me:)  The best part?  I did not consult the stars or cards or mentoring guides. I have nothing against that but I have been personally working really hard all 2019 to trust my gut alone 100% of the time after being guided for several years. So for me, seeing the astrology this past week is like the Universe affirming  "Good job lady" I am tapped in and kicking butt on this year's studies. 

So please,  get your ducks in a row and push forward on your intentions this month. 

4. Accept that Evolution takes time

It took me the past 40-46 years of personally coaching myself out of my own family challenges which were always around mental illness and financial instability. For a chunk of years, I seriously felt like I a magnet for "those people" but about three years ago I really allowed myself to admit that I was the one attracting it and I was determined to find the reason! Now I can save tens of years and yards of tears for the ones working to help heal similar wounds simply because I feel like I am on the verge of an antidote for thousands of others. 

It took 26 years of post-college education to accept that I will forever definitely know nothing but can share everything.

It took me 10 years of business building time and errors in judgment to collect real-life experiences and test data points instead of being intimidated by a growth-minded system.

It took me about 2. 5 years to leave my little Belly Guru yoga healing home before I took on clients and spoke owning a voice to become a podcaster and national influencer in mind/body/ soul healing conversations in women's health and physical therapy and as I shift my eyes on the yoga world for the next decade so yeah, I am 100% sure, you can never waste time if you make being aware the present lesson of the moment. Basically, becoming an evolutionary woman takes time.  #curvyhustle 

5. And let's get one thing last straight, LIFE is not meant to be easy. Transformations need some rough to shine the diamonds.

Unlike the climb, my table of conversations got wider, not higher and steeper. A star was being born but I have to warn you becoming brighter is a one-way ticket that can feel like it is breaking you in two because it is. It is tearing out the bullshit you side and digging out the real you that has been suffocating since your inner child went missing. So I have a proposition for the rest of this month. Since knowing too much is really more like a living Hell than an Eden how about for the second half of this month, how about you stop "personal development" and focus on spiritual fitness? How about for the month of July you take a step back and just do you as you are now instead?


6. Owning Yourself will ask you to get real with your energy. 

I give my all to every person project I take on. By the time women find me, there are years and several philosophies to unravel. It took me tens of thousands of dollars in personal investment and thousands of hours of my stress processing to get CALM enough to meet you at your pain points.  It also takes me lots of energy to slim complex things down without acting like a pompous idiot or uncaring hypocrite.  Paying me by the hour at this point is 4x as much as what I opened my center charging because I actually have advanced to be 4x as efficient and effective in that hour over the past decade. If you only want a monetary exchange of 1/4 of my energy then that is fair, we will have a 15 min session and we will get accomplished what used to take me an hour. 

7. Conquer the fear already...And P.S...If it is something really different you want then your life will blow up to be realigned and THAT will be scary as hell. 

If you have been following my evolution of the #MedicineWomanRising conversation, you may remember that I began cleaning house in Mid May 2016. I launched my quarterly goddess living workbooks and went full on out with my Mystic Unicorn. From mid 2016 - mid 2017, I stopped seeing clinical clients, I cleaned up my email lists, I started Owning HER Health Podcast. I began to beta test my Mind Body Brand Academy ( MBBA) tools and began to identify, support and gather the Goddess Wisdom Leaders of tomorrow into my Masterminds. What I did not show anyone beyond my innermost circle of the MBBA that in late summer 2017 My marriage imploded. See, my relationship was, unfortunately, part of the BS in my businesses financial growth and despite my heartbreak, because my husband was not ready to be 5 Realms Fit,  I kicked and screamed but as of 2019, I know 100% it had to go. Believe me, a broken marriage was not part of my business goals but I am only partnering with those comfortable dancing the curvy hustle.

8. Kiss your Life and let HUGS fill your day 

I focus on the in my life. I can't go back to being an employee. I love my creative and science nerd sides. I wanna keep it simple and sane. I want to support fellow female solopreneurs. So many of us are dealing with things going on in our families and perimenopause knocking on the door. My story is added sauce.

I am pushing you and ME into a bigger fishbowl together in a completely different way than my physical therapy and yoga therapy peers. I am not traveling the states teaching CEUs. I have several on my laptop forming but I have not formally published a book. I am not part of the popular dance party fist pump tribes, I do not have fifty likes every post. I am basically defying all the normal reasons why others feel they have permission to adjust their crown and yet, I adjust mine AFTER I adjust a few others of my Goddess Wisdom Mastermind sisters every day.

9. Aim to inspire

I inspire because I live with Integrity from the H.U.G.S. I value and embody Honesty, Understanding, Growth, and Support and expect it from others I exchange my energy with. There is a fear of not finding your people. But I have to. There can be no failure now and the truth is, on with my curvy hustle mantras---there never can be. Only choices. Only lessons downloaded from the cosmic life school. There is just no other way. I am an entrepreneur 100%. I can not work in the old world of PT or yoga anymore. It may be safe but it is not life-sustaining for me. It is not the air I need to breathe so I AM. 

You just can't expect a professional dream life plugging yourself into someone else's systems without eventually creating your own. You can not only minor league level let the fear go. 



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