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About Us


The Goddess Wisdom Society (GWS) is your brand new approach to keeping up with modern life with a mindful midlife and beyond .

This is an executive women's health consulting practice and membership community that is focused on the holistic life needs for women ages 35 years and up who are ready to experience the best feels in their body, the best performance by their mind and the best years of their life holding influence, increasing their income and leaving a legacy of networking impact. 

Self Mastery is a level of personal development that moves beyond meditations and manifestation and uplevels one's experience of themselves and their world as one full of joy, good relationships, personal empowerment and holistic wellbeing .

In this club all women looking to understand their female design and advantage are welcome to join this leadership and learning community at the Basic, Advanced or VIP Level.

Basic Level Members ( Coming Soon)

Advanced Studies Membership ( Coming Soon) 

VIP Executive Women's Health Consulting ( Coming Soon)



Founder, Lissette Alvarez-Holland is a long time women’s wellness advocate, life coach, and therapist in several mind-body modalities. In addition to her years as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and spirit led entrepreneur , Lisa  has been educated and trained under top mentors in both eastern and western wellness assessment and health coaching philosophies.

As an executive women's health consultant Dr. Lisa works with powerful medicine women rising up to heal themselves, their families, and their communities using a combination of eastern and western mind body therapies, lifestyle support and natural health resources. Visit for services and support

What To Expect From Holistic Biz Consulting

As one of the first national Medpreneurs, Lisa has grown over the past decade into a mentor helping other feminine health oriented therapists, physicians and counselors turn into online integrative entrepreneurs themselves though her 8 week online mentorship program called  “The Mind-Body Brand Academy”.

The bi annual mastermind helps other female health leaders establish their purpose, passions and profits as they jump the hurdles into marketing their services in a fun and collaborative way.

She also leads an online private Facebook community called “The Goddess Wisdom Mastermind“ and hosts the Owning HER Health Podcast where professional women in CEO roles can celebrate, network, inspire, support and honor each other’s personal growth.

Visit for details and next steps for evolving your career into a deeper and bigger calling.


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