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Belly Guru Yoga Club


 I am taking yoga up a notch in the Charlotte market

and give you 1O days to decide if it is right for you. 

Yoga is sold as a commodity. Teachers are churned out in some studios in 9 weeks with no background of health and wellbeing.

It is good that people train teachers but many students attend the training to actually help their own healing. 

It is not good if they are confusing their pains with yours. 

This premier Yogic Living Life School in South Charlotte is for you if:

  1. You want an wellbeing experience every session, not an aerobic class. Your instructor is at a nationally skilled certified level by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Your weakness will be found and your strengths encouraged. 
  2. You are a person that values the feeling of personal success, physical strength, emotional balance, mental power, and energetic resiliency but due to stress and time commitments may not be as connected to their body in healthy ways as they would like to be.
  3. You are someone that spends way too many hours caring for others while secretly resentful for not having others  support you the same
  4. You hurt. You are feeling the energy drain and fatigue of trying to live in a very hustle and grind world
  5. You know you need better sleep, better behaviors and better people around you but you have no idea where to begin to shift things to create this in your life
  6. Your libido stinks. You suspect your hormones or moods are to blame. You miss having control over your body and feel energetically fatigued some days.
  7. You would like a step by step, simple approach to improving your movement, weight, mindset, and nourishment
  8. Your top two resistance points for beginning a regular yoga practice have been having trouble accessing quality instruction because of your current financial situation or poor personal accountability placing yourself a priority.

If several of the above are describing you, take the leap and commit to your wellbeing with this special opportunity. We will be focused on accepting everyone where they are and transforming our lives together. 

This health and leadership community is at a professional level at a non profit price because this is my seva or karma practice for my local community. You are not a random student. We know you here. 


Yoga club is set up as a life school to reward its members for their  commitment to the practice and we will celebrate  any attempt at making small and simple healthy changes in behaviors and personal development. 


Please visit , the Belly Guru LLc FB page or google previous client testimonials for research on the access to support you get with BellyGuru and Dr Lisa. 

*This is not a gym or yoga studio. This is a yoga sangha or yoga family. There are no drop-in classes unless brought in as a guest by a member. This is on purpose. You will know and appreciate your fellow practitioners so they can know and appreciate you. You are expected to respect the privacy and shares within this community or your membership will be canceled.

*This IS NOT THERAPY and no therapeutic relationship is established by participation in Yoga Club. This is a collective of people focused on group support for personal wellbeing. In addition, you may notice a much more formal intake because Dr.Lisa is trained to work at a professional level and wants to provide her students with the best personal growth experiences and use of their time. 

*A limited number of Work study options are available for students and those with financial hardship. Please email [email protected] for an interview

*Training on safety and effectiveness is held to a higher standard than most. In the wrong hands for a certain condition of health, certain practices can bother health. There is an initial health intake fee of $35 so that I may properly keep health status records, understand your physical limitations and we can discuss your training goals to ensure your progress. **see policy below for additional details 

Additional member perks

As an active member of this community, you are joining a sangha or spiritually focused yoga family. This means that each month you will be offered new yoga themed content, self-reflective tools, and a live Q & A created by Lisa Holland to tap into your human potential. Monthly benefits will offer Dr. Lisa's decades of coaching people through change using yoga through a combination of in-person practice community and an online virtual meet up space where you will be exposed to simple and sane ways to welcome lifestyle healing, better physical performance, self-reflection, meditation, breathing practices and a variety of mind/body/ soul health-related masterclass blueprints into wellbeing.



Common Questions & Answers to Lisa...

What style of yoga is this? 

  • Class style is classical. I teach the actual transformational, life coaching and Ashram school practices,  not the fitness flavors of the month.

How much money will I need to invest each month

  • The fees are $59/ month as part of the core membership which gives you access to all open community classes ( average 20 per month fairly steady), any scheduled open studio times for self study, and support when attending. 

How many memberships are available? 

  • This Yoga community is being capped at 50 active members at any one time to allow support for everyone ensure adequate practice space in my home studio where I hold the club. Membership is First come, first served.

Can I try it out first?

  • The hesitancy to commit to an unknown is understandable but this is an energetic community so the attitude you arrive with matters to everyone. It appears those with an excuse not to come will not come and to say you will try without any risk of failure to keep your word often results in not beginning. Those here intend to commit to themselves as outlined so you must register like you do as well but, you have 10 days of your free trial upon registering to confirm we are a good fit for you before you will be charged month to month. You can cancel anytime but I strongly suggest it is after you try out the club because I believe you will see the effort to attend will be worth rearranging your priorities for it. 

What am I paying for? 

  • Fees cover my teaching, maintenance of the community space, the forum support, all monthly classes, online materials and at least one monthly live workshop Q & A in the membership portal once my life school and resources are launched (Late summer/ early Fall) so your progress is supported.
  • You keep the fees you entered in until you stop your membership. When you stop your membership you immediately lose access to the portal resources. You can restart by purchasing again anytime but will be responsible for any change in fees at that time and membership is pending availability at which point you will be placed on a waitlist. 
  • There is a separate initial health intake session fee of $ 35. Virtual attendance is available. ***see note below

Do I need to bring anything? And how does class work? 

  • Come in comfortable work out clothes that allow you to see your body moves. A towel if you tend to sweat a lot and Members must supply their own mat and fold up chair if wanting to practice chair yoga. Adaptive blocks and straps and water are available on sight. 
  • Each weekday class is 60-75 minutes.
  • Saturday morning practice is a full classical practice and runs for 90- min with a deep restorative relaxation and meditation practice for the final 30 min. The address is in the membership portal 
  • Space in yoga classes is limited to 20 students per class. First come, first served.

What is the schedule? 

Current Schedule

Tues  and Thurs Belly Guru Community Yoga Class 9: 30 am 

Tues Thur 6:00 pm open studio/ optional meditation and spiritual discourse

Tues Thurs 6:30 pm Belly Guru Community Yoga Class

Sat 8:30 am ( 90 min practice)

see member Forum for updates and periodic adjustments based on member needs and holidays. 

 Additional info...

** *Health Intake Must be completed within first 30 days of training or you will not be permitted to continue and your membership fees paid that month will be forfeited. This is my rule. As a licensed health provider offering this wellness service I have certain standards I need to keep. If you do not wish to meet them then maybe a gym class or regular studio with less safety and effectiveness is more for you. 

You will also be required to take another intake ( free within the year) any time there is a lapse in participation for more than 60 days. All changes in health status require a new paid assessment in case modification is needed immediately.

This is to make sure you are getting the most out of our time together plus influences the practice tips I send home and what I include in your class when you attend. This assessment process is sadly missed in most studios because the instructors do not have these skills. 

Please Contact [email protected] with any questions. 



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